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Danganronpa 3 Episode Tengan (Full)
This is basically what I think the DR3 anime should've had as an episode to explain Tengan’s motives. Without seeing more about him and his reasoning his actions are hard to reconcile. But it is possible to explain his reasoning and that's what I'm doing here. Please enjoy and I hope you like it.
Tengan and Munakata meet in a room of an abandoned building. Cracks are apparent throughout the room and the red sky is clear outside the window. They are both sitting in a rectangular dining table in an abandoned apartment kitchen.
Munakata: It is nice to see you are still alive and kicking.
Tengan: You would be better off worrying about yourself. Even at my age no one will be able to get me easily.
Munakata: If you can talk like that you must be fine...... We need take control of this situation. If the alumni of Hope's Peak, the representatives of Hope don't stand up how will humanity face this desp
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Danganronpa 3 Episode: Tengan
Note: This is basically what I think the DR3 anime should've had as an episode to explain Tengan’s motives. Without seeing more about him and his reasoning his actions are hard to reconcile. But it is possible to explain his reasoning and that's what I'm doing here. Please enjoy what I have so far and I hope you like it.
Tengan and Munakata meet in a room of an abandoned building cracks are apparent throughout the room and the red sky clear outside the window. They are both sitting in dining table in an abandoned apartment.
Munakata: It is nice to see you are still alive and kicking.
Tengan: You would be better off worrying about yourself. Even at my age no one will be able to get me easily.
Munakata: If you can talk like that you must be fine...... We need take control of this situation. If the alumni of Hope's Peak, the representatives of Hope don't stand up how will humanity face
this despair.
Tengan: I agree. I myself wish to help atone for Hope's Peaks involvement in this in
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Yosuke vs. Josuke
Yosuke Hanamura(Persona 4) vs Josuke Higashikata(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable)

I put this on the back burner when the competition started but I've finally finished. I actually started this waiting to get my copy of Persona 5. If anyone is wondering why these two out of all people I wanted the first match one I made to be a part 4 vs. part 4 thing and well I really like these two characters.

As for why they are being paired up beyond their names they are both combat medics, co-leaders of their group, and are often noted for their speed in the forth part of their series. 
Demon Penguin Lord NicoBel
There are a few things I wanted to put in, like Bernie, that I didn't have time for but I'm proud of the designs I got in. I tried to go for a demon motif so thats why I got his voice Personas of Monokuma, Komaeda and the premiere Demon Lord Dhalia. I was considering having armor for the Demon Lord look but that would have taken some more time so I went for a more vampiric look. A lot of time went into Koameada's design as a aceptable Persona.
Komaeda: Wheel of Fortune
Dhalia: Devil/Magician
MonokumaL Death/Devil
Nico:Wheel of Fortune/Emperor


This is basically what I think the DR3 anime should've had as an episode to explain Tengan’s motives. Without seeing more about him and his reasoning his actions are hard to reconcile. But it is possible to explain his reasoning and that's what I'm doing here. Please enjoy and I hope you like it.

Tengan and Munakata meet in a room of an abandoned building. Cracks are apparent throughout the room and the red sky is clear outside the window. They are both sitting in a rectangular dining table in an abandoned apartment kitchen.

Munakata: It is nice to see you are still alive and kicking.

Tengan: You would be better off worrying about yourself. Even at my age no one will be able to get me easily.

Munakata: If you can talk like that you must be fine...... We need take control of this situation. If the alumni of Hope's Peak, the representatives of Hope don't stand up how will humanity face this despair.

Tengan: I agree. I myself wish to help atone for Hope's Peaks involvement in this incident. I plan to make an organization to combat this despair and I want you Munakata to stand by my side to do this. But before anything we need more people to lead the organization.

Munakata: We can have Sakakura lead crime enforcement, we need someone with a hardline to lay down the law and face the despairs. Yukizome can be our spy master she has experience infiltrating a group.. and we need to have someone trustworthy to prevent the despair to get in and sabotage the organization from within. We also have Seiko Kimura with us, her medical skills will prove invaluable.

Tengan: Good good, I plan to have Koichi scout new members from the new landscape of our world. But this is a good start.

Munakata: So what will this organization be called?

Tengan: We will be creating a future that everyone can live for peacefully. So this organization will be known as the Future Foundation.

Cut to Future opening

Cut to a large battle on a ransacked street with people with monokuma masks. Juuzo dodging and weaving around them while hitting people in the head and gut with brass knuckles. Chisa is blocking hits with her knives(the one she brought out on Fuyuhiko) and cuts down people alongside Munakata. Munakata is swiftly moving from person cutting them down,cutting off heads or limbs in a seamless motion. Seiko after taking her medicine is just running through people and knocking them down. She then hears a man on the side crying clutching his leg which had a bit of blood on it. Seiko stops and try to approach him and the man charges at him with a knife. In that instant Tengan steps in and hit him with what looked like a force push against a wall.

Tengan: Don’t let your guard down they could be anywhere..(aside) and there is no end to them… how did all these people get this way.

Cut to a building Future Foundation just established. There is construction work being done in the surroundings that seem to be a walled off community.

Inside Kizakura is leading a blue haired girl with a mechanical wheelchair to the current members of the future Foundation sitting in a long table with a projector in the front.

Kizakura: I would like you to introduce you all to Miaya Gekkougahara.

Juuzo: How did you get her here if she’s in a wheelchair.

Kizakura: This chair is very advanced. Some of our students did help make it after all.

Chisa: Its nice to meet you (sees her typing) Huh?

Miaya: (Usami on screen)  It’s nice to meet you too! (Chisa jumps backs)

Kizakura: She doesn’t really talk except through that computer. In anycase she is the former Ultimate Therapist. Maybe she can do something about the people in despair right now. That's what I saw she was working on when I found her. Her tech skills also seem to be quite useful. Relying only on your designated talent doesn’t seem to be enough these days.

Maiya: I hope I can be of assistance. (Usami bowing) In the case of recovering the despairs there has been something I have been working on. Before the Tragedy some Reserve course students had signs of what we see in the despairs today. In attempt to rehabilitate them I was called to the school. No matter how much I tried, conventional methods didn’t work. (Usami sad) But I didn’t give up (Motivated Usami) I went to get the assistance of two students at Hope’s Peak Academy. Chihiro Fujisaki the Ultimate Programmer and Yasuke Matsuda the Ultimate Neurologist.

Tengan: Chihiro Fujisaki.. That's one of the students in the shelter with Jin isn’t it?

Kizakura: It sure is.

Miaya: She was a pleasure to work with (appreciative Usami). Chihiro without a second thought got into working on my project and was very helpful the entire time I was working with her-

Kizakura: Ah…. nevermind….

Miaya: (her real body gives an inquisitive look at Kizakura and she continues) Well my project needed a large scale system to manage and simulate everything. Chihiro managed to create an entire management AI as well as the preliminary simulation system before she went to the shelter in Hope’s Peak. She even taught me quite a bit about programming and cyber security so I could continue on my own.

Munakata: Simulation? What does this project entail?

Miaya: I call it the Neo World Program. The idea behind it is that if it’s too late to remove whatever damaged caused the despair, why not bring the person back to  a state before it was too late.

Tengan: Bring them back? What do you mean?

Miaya: Erase their memories, bring their state of mind to before they fell into despair.

Munakata: I see so that’s why you brought in the Ultimate Neurologist.

Miaya: Yes. Though I specialize in therapy I do not know enough about the brain to manipulate memories. Matsuda created a drug to remove the memories of the subject back to a certain point in time. That boy wasn’t particularly social but he seemed to have a big interest in the project. He also helped with the simulation of the project I was talking about, with manipulating their senses in the brain. It’s not necessarily enough to bring the persons memories back to a recoverable point. What is there to prevent them from falling into despair again? So with the help with both Chihiro and Matsuda I started working on developing a simulation of a soothing environment for them to love and ease them back into the side of hope.

Juuzo: Isn’t what you're talking about something like the matrix? Man with what our school’s alumni come up with, we’ll have full blown sci-fi technology in no time.

Miaya: I guess it is similar in a way. Though the program won’t be harvesting the energy from the patients. I have to say it is a shame what happened to Matsuda….(sad Usami and Miaya looking down)

Chisa: (thought) That person’s…

Miaya: A lot of his work was left undone because of what happened, which is why its still in development. But if you provide the proper personnel and equipment I guarantee it will be done in a year or two. In the meantime I'll take charge of computer security and establish a clear system you can all use.

Seiko: Wow that’s amazing I tried all I can to cure the despair and I couldn’t find any way to do do it. Its wonderful that you found a way to heal them.

Miaya: It’s n-

Munakata: How long?

Miaya: Huh?

Munakata: How long will it take to put people through the program?

Miaya: Uh well removing the memories would be quick enough but to ensure that they won’t fall into despair it would take a few weeks to guarantee their recovery-

Munakata: That’s too slow.

Miaya: W-Wha

Munakata: We are fighting an uphill battle casualties are piling up every hour and you're saying that it takes a few weeks for a single person to recover?! There are so many more people we can save by eliminating them on the spot.

Tengan: That is true…

Munakata: Its a fruitless endeavor, you would be better off focusing on other tasks instead of working on this project.

Miaya: oh (Usami dejected and Miaya looking down)

Tengan: Wait a moment.

Munakata: What is it director?

Tengan: I think we should go through with the project.

Munakata: What?

Kizakura: I agree. It’s too early to call this fruitless.

Tengan: Though it might take weeks if we can have this project run on a mass scale it would provide useful. Besides their numbers are growing as time goes on. We need any kind of counter balance we can get to get the upperhand. Besides we might get some valuable information from those who recover even if they can’t remember everything.

Munakata: You have a good point. Very well.

Tengan: You have my permission to continue your Neo World Program. I officially appoint you as the 7th Branch Leader of the Future Foundation which is in charge of Information System security and administration as well as Research and develop therapy to cure Despair

Miaya: Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

Months have passed and Tengan is sitting in an office of the established headquarters of Future Foundation. He overlooks the  cityscape. They managed to bring some form of normalcy to the area while even further in the distance the anarchy of Despair continues.

Tengan: We have made it this far, we just need to keep on persevering.

Then a sudden explosion occurs within the city walls. Smoke and ash billow away covering the area, slowly revealing charred cars and a building on fire.

Tengan: Sigh I better call Sakakura and tell what I can.

Tengan goes to his desk to make a call to Juuzo.

Juuzo: What is it ? I’m kind of busy.

Tengan: I happened to see the explosion from my window I wanted to let you know that it started in 26th and 4th and blue van seemed to speed away north.

Juuzo: Oh good. I’ll try to trace them now. Bye

And the call is ended.

A few moments later a call comes in from Munakata.

Munakata: Thank you for that tip director we managed to get them.

Tengan: Oh so you managed to catch them?

Munakata: I kept one alive to tell us all he knows I already cut down the rest of the group. I was lucky I caught them at their meeting place.

Tengan: ...Right keep it up.

Back in the meeting room with all the members of the organization are present

Kizakura: Alright it was a bit of trouble trying to convince them but I have a twofer for division leaders. They might not have graduated do to circumstances but their abilities are still the real deal. A boy and a girl enter the room.

Seiko: (quietly) R-Ruruka?, Izayoi?

Ruruka who was smiling as she came in turns to one of disgust when she sees Seiko.

Ruruka: What’s she doing here!

Seiko looks away.

Izayoi immediately takes out some knives.

Izayoi: I knew we couldn’t trust you.

Kizakura: Calm down Calm Down. Do you think I would go behind your back after going through all that trouble to bring you here. Seiko has been here since the founding of the Foundation and has been a great help. I know you two have a history but we need to put our differences aside to work things out.

Ruruka: You want us to work with you when you have that backstabber there.

Seiko: Who are you calling backstabber you’re the one who betrayed me-

Munakata: I do not know what happened between you two but this not the time to fight about the past. You are all here because your abilities are needed to help us rebuild this world or would you rather leave it in its current state.

Seiko: Y-yes sir.

Ruruka: Still….

Tengan: Your abilities would be greatly appreciated here. We need to keep the people in our ranks fed to keep up the fight. Somehow the enemy doesn't seem to have such a problem. We also are in constant need weapons to match our opponents. If you decide to stay we will be able to achieve a more peaceful world much more quickly.

Ruruka: ...I guess there's no better option. But you better keep away from me Seiko.

Tengan: Then I name you Ruruka the 8th Branch Leader, of Long-term stable food procurement and you Izayoi the leader of Branch 9 of Weapons Development.

A few more months later in the front lines of the territory the Future Foundation has been able to reclaim. Tengan is seen taking out waves of opponents with a quick succession of hits. Chisa is screening possible members of despair before making way to Seiko. One of them passes on a few flash drives with notes saying what they were.

After talking with Tengan, Chisa walks away from him.

Tengan: So this was the cause… brainwashing huh. It makes sense all things considering. How did Yukizome know all this? Hmm. I suppose she could have learned about it from her information networks. But wait… didn't she class die? Hmm I guess he wasn't there then, it's still suspicious... Ryota Mitarai huh, so this is the person that is cause of all this. He must be higher ranked member in the despairs. I'll look into this myself.

A month later in a subway like in Ultra Despair Girls. Moving in the shadows Tengan moves quietly along the walls. He occasionally sees someone in a monokuma mask and quickly disables them if they see him. He gets near what seem to be there base and he hears a voice crying out “I’m sorry” Tengan gets closer and see Mitarai in a cell.

Monokuma guard: If you're really sorry then starting eating we can't have you dying.

Mitarai: (crying) I'm sorry.

Tengan. Swiftly knocks out the guard and faces Mitarai.

Tengan: Ryota Mitarai I presume.

Mitarai: Uh your Tengan the leader of the future Foundation.

Tengan: I am. (Thought) This is not what I expected why would he be in a cell in this state if he was a despair.

Mitarai: Yukizome sensei is there too right. Please let me join, let me help fight back. Let me… make things right again. To bring back hope.

Tengan: (thought) ….This is a man wracked by guilt, the guilt of bring the world to ruin…… If he has the ability to bring this world to despair maybe he can bring it to hope as well.

Tengan: Yes in fact as a former ultimate I think you will make a great branch leader. (Thought) no maybe there's a better way but u can let this possibility go.

Mitarai: A branch leader? I can't. What can I do.

Tengan: Plenty you're an animator right? Animation is a great part our culture, even if we return from despair we need to preserve the knowledge of our past roots. I mean we need something to look forward to once we go back. ( thought)

For now I need to foster this desire to create hope.

Mitarai: Thank you it's a great honor.

Tengan: Ryota Mitarai, I name you the 10th branch leader of Reviving Education and Culture.


In the middle of a fight  with the despairs. Munakata and Tengan are at the forefront of the fight. You see as the fight goes on with each hit tengan slows down. The killing blows are less instantaneous.

Tengan: (thought) All of these people are not doing this of own free will. Every person we kill is a life we can’t bring back. These people were living perfectly normal lives and now they are destroying others lives and forcing us to take theirs. All because they saw some bit of video.

Munakata: Come on director there are more this way.
Tengan: Yes…(thought) and Munakata all you are thinking about are exterminating these poor victims. We have no choice but to face them but, you and your factions fervor to kill these people... Is it the only thing you see now? Is this the hope you are looking for?

Tengan’s still somewhat distracted by the thoughts comes back to noticed that Munakata is about to be attacked and he rushes in to take the blow

Munakata: Director! (Cuts down the the person that attacked) We’ll get you medical attention. (thought) He should have been able to stop that. Actually his performance has been dropping a lot later. If he is losing heart to act I will instead to eliminate despair.

A few months later at Future Foundation HQ meeting room. Kizakura comes in with Gozu.

Kizakura: Man this is a great haul this time around we have our second older Hope’s Peak alumni here. I’ll say again to Bandai I’m glad I found you out there. I didn’t expect greenery to pop up in that land covered in toxins and waste.

Bandai: It’s no problem I’m just doing what I can to contribute. A hungry horse doesn’t hide in a tree after all.

Kizakura: ….What?  I-In anycase I would like to introduce to you to the Great Gozu, the former Ultimate Wrestler.

Juuzo: A Bull mask? Sorry but we can’t have you hiding your face here, its a matter of security.

Great Gozu: A true wrestler never removes his mask.

Juuzo: Is that a challenge?

Kizakura: Hold on I’ll guarantee his identity. He has already saved 100's of people from the despairs and widely known hero. I don't see why we wouldn't let him in.

Gozu: I have to say I greatly appreciate what the Future Foundation has done for the world after the tragedy. If it wasn't for this Foundation we wouldn't have any kind of functioning society-

Ruruka: Is all this sappy stuff leading somewhere?

Gozu: What I want to say is that I want to support our people, our society and create support to all those in need. I want to support and protect the hope the Foundation has created. Director?

Tengan: Hmm?

Gozu: I heard that you were not able in battle as you were in the early days of the foundation. You are the one who established the hope for the future foundation, we can't afford to let you die for all the people you helped save. So I the Great Gozu would like to volunteer to be your personal Bodyguard.

Tengan: Hmph I certainly see your resolve. We need something like that in our organization. Very well I allow you to be my personal bodyguard and appoint you the 12th branch leader of the future Foundation of Assistance in restoring infrastructure.

On a normal day filled with terrorist attacks and fighting despair one year since the tragedy began. Everyone was fighting holding on to hope. At this time Tengan is with Gozu, Kizakura and Mitarai discussing their plans moving forward when they get a message to look at a tv. They go to a monitor in the room and go to the TV broadcast. A dark room is shown and a light suddenly turns on. There is a man in a chair struggling to get out. Kizakura’s eyes widen. Followed by Tengan and Mitarai.

Kizakura: Jin…

Gozu: Jin?! You mean Jin Kirigiri the last headmaster of Hope’s Peak?!?

The Monokuma looks inquisitive at Jin and then hits a button. Blood drains from Kizakura’s face. A rocket opens behind Jin and surrounds him.

Kizakura: No….

Jin looks to be crying out as the rocket closes around him.

Kizakura: NO!!!!

The rocket flies up much like his expectations for Hope’s Peak and the students ability. But then falls down in a blaze in the tragedy that ensued at the cost of his life. As the rocket opens with his bones falling out Kizakura falls into his chair. The laughing Monokuma igniting his rage.

Kizakura: I'm going. (Stands up)

Gozu: Kizakura hold on.

Kizakura: I'm going to keep my promise and no is going to stop me.

Tengan : I didn't intend to stop you from going. We need to think about how to proceed with this and besides look it isn't over.

The video now shows what seems to be the cameras in Hope's Peak. The 78th class wakes up and meet at the entrance and start introducing themselves with each other.

Gozu: What's going on they're acting like they haven't met before.

Tengan: (flashes to Miaya's introduction)…...Matsuda’s drug they erased their memories of Hope’s Peak. I thought that the circumstances behind his death was odd, the despairs took his drug.

Gozu: But for what reason would they do that.

Kizakura: It looks like we’ll get our answer.

The students gather up in the gym and a monokuma robot appears introducing himself as the headmaster.

Kizakura: Taking over huh…

Monokuma explains how they won’t be leaving unless they kill each other.

Mitarai: (thought) No-not again.

Confusion ensues and Oowada picks up Monokuma and Kirigiri tells him to throw it. There is some talking and it ends with Naegi getting knocked out and carried away.

Tengan: She has good intuition. Kizakura I’m sure she’ll hold out till we send help. The 78th class has gotten along well. They should last a little while before something happens.

Kizakura: But they don’t know each other anymore…. That’s why she did it so they would be willing to kill their friends. Not only that the numbers don’t match.

Tengan: That’s right I don’t see Ikusaba Mukuro.

Kizakura: No Mukuro is not missing. That’s not Junko there that’s Mukuro. Look at her boobs…. and freckles.


Gozu: So your saying that this Junko is the one planning this. She’s part of Ultimate Despair.

Tengan: Not only that but if Mukuro is dressed as her sister then that mean she is working with her. We will send help immediately you have permission to make preparations Kizakura.

Kizakura: Thank you sir!

Kizakura leaves the room.

Tengan: Mitarai, can you come see me for a second.

Mitrai walks over to Tengan and into his office with him.

Mitarai: What is is Director?

Tengan: Are you ok seeing this game playing out must be terrible for you after being out there for so long.

Mitarai: Oh i-its fine you don’t have to worry about me. Its the future foundation’s job to eliminate despair and bring hope to the world. I can’t just falter from this.

Tengan: Indeed. Sigh this is a long battle we have to fight. There is no end in sight. Sometimes I wonder if their was a way to bring back everyone from despair. That way we wouldn’t be stuck in this never ending war.

Mitarai: You mean like Gekkougahara-san’s Neo World Program?

Tengan: Yes but there is a limit of what we can do with it. We would have to capture each person who’s fallen into despair safely and have them recover over a few weeks. It certainly would help but we can’t simply bring back everyone with that.

Mitarai: I-is that s-so…

Tengan: We only know that these people were brainwashed, though we don’t know how. If only we knew how… maybe then we can do the reverse.

Mitarai: Y-you mean brainwashing them to hope? Isn’t that basically doing the same as them?

Tengan: Yes I suppose. It is certainly morally questionable. We wouldn’t want to stoop to the level of our enemies. But you could argue that their is no other way to save them, in mass at least. Though I guess that would also mean that we can only use it effectively in an indiscriminate large scale, and it would be terrible to make everyone act a certain way like the despairs.

Mitarai: …..

Tengan: I’m sorry to make you listen to that Mitarai, feel free to disregard all that. It’s just the musings of an old man.

After the first class trial and the rest of the world on the edge of their seat Kizakura finally manages to get to Hope's Peak. But the defenses prove to be too much to overcome. Everyone besides Kizakura dies to the weapons surrounding the school. Days go on by turning into weeks as the 78th class struggle to stay alive with monokuma tempting them at every turn. Tempting them with motives that they would not have bought with their memories. These students who were supposed to be the hope for the future were killing each other. Killing people they spent 2 years growing bonds with unknowing of their history. Despite this the remaining students rise up and hold onto hope after each trial. The center of this are Kyoko Kirigiri helping to lead everyone to the truth and Makoto Naegi assisting her and moving the other students foreword. The branch leader's meet to discuss the mutual killing game.

Tengan: Those students are commendable we can only hope that they find a way out on their own.

Munakata: That is their only hope now. We can't afford to send more people to their deaths for a few students.

Mitarai: Its amazing how they keep moving on despite their bleak situation.

Ruruka: There's no way they are getting out the mastermind has them under lock and key. In the end someone is going to betray them again in the end. (Throws a piece of chocolate into Izayoi’s mouth)

Izayoi: They are pretty much defenseless against attack except for that serial killer.

Bandai: But the glasses jerk agreed to stopped trying to play the game with the serial killer. So maybe there won't be any killing anymore.

Chisa: That's good, if the serial killer managed to kill someone and got away we would have had to detain the only survivor.

Juuzo: I don't see any way they would get out even if they don't kill each other they are probably just going to be stuck there forever.

Munakata: …….. (stares at Juuzo and Chisa)(thought) There's no way, the mastermind can't have been Junko.

Seiko: This entire broadcast has been stressful on the population with each murder and execution it has taken emotional toll on everyone.

Gozu: Come on we can’t think negatively like this all the time! We’re the Future Foundation! We need to foster positivity and hope to the people that we support.

Munakata: We need to prepare for whatever final despair inducing event the mastermind has in mind. In fact this is our chance for us to strike against the despairs in their stronghold. Considering the fanaticism of the despairs they will be glued to the the screen the moment the broadcast reaches its critical point. This broadcast is being used to inspire despair so let's use their revere for despair against them. Juuzo prepare your branch to invade their territory to a fire a major blow.

Juuzo: Got it

Munakata: Kimura prepare medical provisions for the upcoming battle.

Seiko: Y-yes sir.

Munakata: All other divisions send whatever manpower we can to deal this devastating blow.

Tengan: Seiko I would like you prepare medication to relieve the stress our people will feel at the height of the broadcast to treat as many people as you can.

Munakata: What?

Seiko: Uh-yes director I’ll set aside some people to work on that.

Tengan: Gekkougahara prepare your faculty to retrieve and relieve the worst case infliction of despair.

Miaya: Working on it as we speak. (Usami salutes)

Tengan: Mitarai prepare some programs to distract the population from the broadcast to help minimize the damage it can cause.

Mitarai: Y-yes.

Munakata: I thought I said we need to muster all the manpower we can for this battle.

Tengan: That’s all well and good but we need to take care of the population we have saved. These people would be doing what they are most suited for.

Munakata: Yes I guess you have been doing what you have been most suited for ever since you lost your fervor.

Tengan: Hmp?

Munakata: We can’t afford to waste this attack and dealing major blow. We need to put together all the power we can to eliminate this despair. We need action not complacency!

Tengan: We need to keep the Hope’s of our people up.

Munakata: We will have Hope once we eliminate despair!

20 second pause while Tengan and Munakata stare each other down.

Mitarai: Uh-uuuhhh D-Director V-vice president?

Ruruka: Wow that escalated quickly. How can we have the the Future Foundation work effectively if the leaders start bickering.

Munakata: Deep sigh. Fine we’ll leave some personnel to do those things but only the absolutely necessary amount. The meeting is adjourned everyone attend to their tasks.

At moment of Naegi’s potential death Future Foundation attacked. But as they were attacking they were not in a fervor but crying in outrage. There was something they hadn't anticipated, Alter Ego and Naegi’s luck. Gekkougahara was ecstatic or at least Usami was at what Chiro accomplished. Ruruka meanwhile just looked away muttering ‘so you survived being betrayed’. Gozu cries out for joy and does the same at Junko's death.

Mitarai: He did it, he actually beat Junko. I can't believe it. (Thought) Despite how difficult it would be be to live outside and not knowing about anything out there, he convinced everyone to keep on going. If… If I had been strong like that I could of…..the world would be……… I guess that video won't get any use.

Tengan: (thought) This is quite unexpected, not only do we have a number of students alive but the orchestrator of it all dead. This is the hope we need. The power to get people through even the difficult times. We don't need to force everyone to the side of hope with this.(outloud )The door has opened.

Tengan looks down at Munakata and Chisa

Munakata: (thought) They couldn't have been….No. Like Chisa said it was a mistake. Even if I trust them with my life, they can make mistake. Though, this is bigger than normal.

Tengan looks on as Yukizome embraces Munakata.

Tengan: (thought) Munakata mentioned that he suspected Junko but Juuzo and Chisa said that their search came negative. Juuzo is acting oddly and Chisa randomly gave me these files made from one of her students……

Kizakura guides the class 78 survivors through the building.

Kizakura: I would like to introduce you to formally introduce you all to the Future Foundation. This organization was made from members of Hope’s Peak and Alumni of the school.

Naegi: You too?

Kizakura: You don't..? oh of course your memories. Yes I was a teacher and talent scout of the school.

Togami: These facilities seem to be adequate, this certainly is a place I can once again bring the prominence to my family's name.

Kizakura: That's great because we want you to work with us. In fact we want to give you guys your own division.

Hagakure: What seriously?!

Kirigiri: Because of the events of the school we have essentially become symbols of hope, overcoming the odds. Junko, who apparently was the one who made the world the way it is now, is dead because of that. That only boosts our reputation. It would be make sense that the Future Foundation would try to utilize this especially considering the goals of our enemies.

Kizakura: You got it little Ms. Detective.

Asahina: But we barely know what's happened to world how are we going to manage all that.

Kizakura : We’ll brief you to bring you up to date but… there is something else we should do before that,  that will help a bit.

Fukawa: You m-mean our memories?

Kizakura: Yep, that's exactly why we are here today. This division 7 which works with the drug you were given and can reverse it's effects.

Makoto: What is this drug being used for?

Kizakura: Huh? Oh a little project called the Neo World Program. It’s still in development but it should recover those who have fallen to despair.


Kizakura:….Do you guys want your memories back?

Naegi: Yes. We decided to move forward and to do that we need to know what’s happened to us till now. Even if getting these memories back will be painful we need to know to face whatever is ahead of us.

Kizakura: (Smile). That’s a nice face your making Ultimate Hope….. Ok get in these pods and the 7th division will do their thing. Prepare yourselves.

The survivors slowly get into the pods and put on the headset inside. Its a very quick process to bring their memories back. The survivors get out of the pod and are instantly hit by a wave of emotion with their memories back. Tears instantly start streaming down Naegi’s and Asahina’s face remembering their time with Sakura and Maizono as well as their other classmates. Hagakure and Fukawa faces grow darker overtime with a tinge of guilt as the thought that they witness the deaths of all these people they knew and they were involved with some of them. They also start tearing up a bit realizing what they went through. Kirigiri and Togami are ridged with pained looks on their faces. Despite their efforts not to react to the memories they cannot deny they cherished the memories of their class.

Kizakura waits quietly for them to finish. Togami and and Kirigiri regain composure first steeling themselves and come forward. The rest of them soon follow suite with Asahina coming in last getting a few more sobs out.

After all of them are out Naegi speaks up.

Naegi: Its nice to see you again Kizakura

Kizakura: It looks like you've got up to speed for the most part. Now about your division we thought that Kirigiri should be the leader.

Byakuya: What! Shouldn't it be me?! I obviously have the managerial skills to lead such a position.

Fukawa: Y-ya! Byakuya - sama would be best suited for the position.

Kizakura: Well you see the branch division I'm putting you guys in charge of is PR and spreading news about the Future Foundation. I don't think you would be the best person to lead something like that. Your popularity has been very contested with what people saw in the killing game after all.

Togami scoffs and looks away.

Hagakure: In that case shouldn't it be Naegi who is the leader, its pretty much his thing to inspire hope.

Kizakura: Well beyond that we need someone very decisive and figure out what needs to be done. In that way we thought that Kyoko would be better suited.

Naegi: I think Kirigiri would be great for the job. We wouldn’t have gotten out without you.

Kirigiri:  The same goes for you but, I guess it would be a good idea to accept.

Kizakura: Oh and ya this isn't including the glasses girl.

Fukawa: Huh? W-What? Why?! Your letting those 2 idiots in!

Kizakura: Well we didn't really know that you had a split personality with a serial killer. That's not something we could just allow in the Future Foundation.

Naegi: Wait! What if we were to come up with a way to stop her from killing. With us around we can stop her and let her work with our branch. Togami…. ( Looks over at Togami)

Togami: Argh. OK I suppose you still have your uses. Very well I will take care of it.

Fukawa: Byakuya Sama, Naegi(tearing up)

Kizakura: You won't be a full member until you can show you can stop yourself from killing others but I can allow you to be a sort of intern. Oh and you won't get a suit.

Fukawa: (muttering) Fine….

Kizakura: Oh and Asahina I heard you were interested in getting food out to people.

Asahina: Huh? Sort of ya.

That so happens to be what our more recent branch 13 does. Your skills should be useful there. You would be separate from your friends but it would be doing something you want.

Asahina: Uh (looking between everyone and Kizakura) umm.

Naegi: If it's something you want to do go ahead. As long as it's something you will be satisfied and proud of you should do it. Its not like we won't be around.

Asahina: Thanks Naegi you know just what to say. I will join the 13th branch. But um before that…. Did you ever find out what happened to our loved ones?

Kizakura: Not yet but we do have some leads, the 14th branch can take the head of this operation. After the briefing you can look into it, I wish you good luck.

Naegi: Thank you Kizakura.

After the events of Ultra Despair Girls Towa City is left at a standstill with the 14th branch holding administrative rights on the situation. Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa seem to have stabilized the situation. But details have not gotten out thanks to Byakuya Togami. After reading the report Tengan puts it down on his desk.

Tengan: One of our last unaffected cities have fallen and all they managed to do is not make things worse. Is this really what you would call progress? We won't get anywhere at this rate. Is this how far your hope will take us Naegi?

Kizakura and Gozu have come to Tengan's office.

Kizakura: The younger members seem to be getting rather restless lately saying that we should be doing more as the Future Foundation.

Gozu: I understand how they feel but they should be putting more more effort into their work instead of complaining about it.

Kizakura: It seems that that the one fanning these flames is our very own Ruruka. There are also talk about leaving the organization to form a new one.

Tengan: Sigh. All this in fighting and division is only going to slow our efforts. This war against despair already seems endless, how are we going keep going if our organization splits up?

Gozu: It hasn’t been all bad. The inclusion of class 78th is bringing up everyone's spirits.

Tengan: (to self) But that won't fix the brainwashing… and prevent the numbers of despairs from increasing.

Kizakura: I'll keep tabs on what they are up to. Let me know if you decide to do something about it.


Skip ahead to the Future Foundation has a lead on the Ultimate Despairs. Munakata, Tengan, Juuzo, Chisa, the Great Gozu, Izayoi, Kizakura, Bandai and Ruruka meet the Despairs. To Tengan’s surprise he sees some familiar faces. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Nekomaru Nidai, Peko Pekoyama, and Akane Owari. This was class 77-1. Fuyuhiko has a crowd of Yakuza shooting at them. Luckily Izayoi blocks them with a hail of weapons. Peko clashes with Munakata. Izayoi throws knives at Fuyuhiko to prevent them from firing again. Gozu exchanges blows with Nekomaru while trying to grapple him. Juuzo and Akane make a flurry of blows as Juuzo tries to acclimate towards her unorthodox fighting style. The remaining people watch on as Tengan starts thinking.

After the battle Munakata goes over to Chisa

Chisa: How did this happen? They must have faked their deaths so they could move freely. Wait could this mean somehow they were part of Ultimate Despair from the start.. (She jumps into Munakata’s arms) Why didn’t I see this coming I could have stopped them, why did things turn out like this. (Tears start flowing from her face as you hear sobbing.)

Munakata: It’s not your fault it was Junko the one who caused this, but now that we know that they are the reason behind this we can’t let this go. To bring back this world we have to eliminate despair.

Tengan: (thought)There is too much suspicion on Yukizome to turn a blind eye to this. She gave me the brainwashing video, she misinformed Munakata on Junko, and she was wrong about her class being wiped out. I have to keep a tab on her.

Munakata: We can’t let this go public. Hearing that the Ultimate Despairs were prominent Hope’s Peak students who were thought to be dead would cause a panic. We will keep this a secret within the upper level of the Future Foundation.

After the battle with the despairs Tengan slips into the shadows and follows Chisa when she slips away from the group. Tailing her he sees her meet with someone he hadn't expected, his eyes widen as he sees Izuru Kamakura.

Tengan:(thought) So it was true… Izuru was used by Junko to bring about despair. We haven't seen him since he disappeared after the tragedy but this confirms it. Chisa, class 77, and Izuru Kamakura are all part of Ultimate Despair. We were being watched by the Despairs since the very beginning and by our spy master no less. There's no telling how many have infiltrated our organization already. We are fighting an enemy that's undermining us from within. Maybe ….that's our only way to restore hope now.

After Izuru seems to pass instructions to Chisa. Chisa leaves. Izuru then unexpectedly turns to Tengan’s direction.

Izuru: Kazuo Tengan I presume.

Tengan freezes as he is about to leave.

Tengan: So you found me. Its been a while Kamakura. (walking within view)

Izuru: Though you are not a student of Hope's Peak I have your talent as well.

Tengan: Why have you decided to side with despair.

Izuru: I have not chosen a side. Despair has already shown me all it can do. I look forward to see what side hope has to offer. Makoto Naegi has already won a point in your favor let's see if that continues.

With that Izuru walks away. Knowing he wouldn't be able to do anything he stood there, perplexed by his words. Kamakura hasn't chosen a side?

Tengan meets Mitarai in the hallways of the Future Foundation.

Tengan: Ah Mitarai how have you been doing.

Mitarai: Ah director I'm doing fine.

Tengan: Have you done any animating recently. I heard you haven't done much of it since you joined the Future Foundation.

Mitarai: Yes but I'm just not sure if it's something I should show people.

Tengan: Now Mitarai if it's something you think will bring hope to the people I think you should do it. With the world like this we need all the help we can get.

Mitarai: Uh-ya.. maybe, I'll think about it.

Tengan: I hope I can one day see it being shown.

Tengan says his goodbyes and walks away.

Tengan:(thought) and by force of necessary.

A few months later some lower level future foundation members find peple who they report to be Hope’s Peak Academy survivors. Munakata is motivated at the prospect of having theses survivors join the organization. Considering how well received branch 14 was the Foundation decide to leave bringing the students up to speed to them. Something started gnawing at Tengan when he heard there were 15 survivors.

Tengan: 15.. from Hope’s Peak. (Realization slowly spreads across his face) Do we have confirmation of how they look like?!

Munakata has the same realization.

Munakata: Confirm their identities immediately!

After a short time they get images of the former students taken in and sent to branch 14 and they were class 77-1 alongside Izuru Kamakura.

Munakata: Dammit get in contact with branch 14. Rrrh what are they doing!!

Tengan: (thought) Kamakura himself?! Why?!? (flash) Makoto Naegi has one a point in your favor. (back) He’s testing hope.

Subordinate 1: We can’t connect with them sir the only thing we can do is send is them email. We also can’t locate where the top brass of branch 14 are currently.

Munakata: What are they thinking?! Keep trying to contact them!! They could be being manipulated by the Despairs.

Tengan:(thought) Could this be it, has Naegi reached the extent the hope could take him… I guess there is no choice now but to purge the organization now it has infected by despair. For the sake of a hopeful future.

After hearing that Makoto Naegi went to Jabberwock Island Tengan immediately recognized what Naegi was doing. The fact that he heard that Naegi survived was even more surprising. If he was alive then does that mean Kamakura didn't side with despair? Was Makoto Naegi able to convert our worst enemies to allies. Was he able to bring Kamakura, no Hajime back to the side of hope? As Munakata scrambles to get everyone together bring Naegi to justice. Tengan went to do his own preparation.

Tengan: This organization has been eaten away at its core. I can no longer agree with Munakata's methods and Yukizome as a despair is spurring him on. It doesn't help that Juuzo and Seiko are following him blindly. Ruruka's and Izayoi's factions are breaking us apart and we are fighting amongst ourselves. If Yukizome, our spy master was a despair their no telling how many people have infiltrated the organization. With our methods and in fighting there are too many casualties we could have prevented. These people were brainwashed, not doing this of their own will. Who knows what atrocities Chisa and any people she let in have caused. We have destroyed people's lives as many as we have saved. It would better if this rotten organization were wiped away.

But.... Naegi has shown overcome the odds again and again creating a brighter future for everyone. Kizakura and Gozu who are always by my side have been a great benefit to everyone. After fighting despair in this constant battle, to fight against these people brainwashed against their will in ever increasing numbers. I thought the only way to end this was to brainwash everyone to turn to hope. But I still can't deny the possibility of Naegi turning this around or Munakata turning back on the right path if Yukizome is out of the picture. Very well I will let you decide Mitarai. Will Naegi's or Munakata's hope win, will our organization overcome and face the despair within our ranks,or are they all not enough to bring Hope back to the world. As someone who has tasted the full grasp of despair I leave it in your hands.



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